VerSkin Inclusive Keyboard Protector


MSRP $29.99

Assisting you to type confidently and accurately

The VerSkin Inclusive Keyboard Protector makes it easy to navigate your keyboard with confidence thanks to the easy-to-read large print key markings and black backing material that improves key definition, readability and contrast. Five color-coded key zones help identify the major key types (consonant, vowel, number, punctuation and function) and the subtle tactile bumps marking the corners of the letter key area help you find a natural resting hand position to improve your touch typing abilities. Protecting your keyboard from liquid spills and debris, the VerSkin is the perfect companion to adapt your Surface Laptop Go to suit your individual needs.

Product Specs

Category Accessibility
Industries Education, Financial Services, Retail & Consumer Goods (Non-Industry Specific), Travel & Transportation, Commercial Goods, Accessibility
Compatibilities Surface Laptop Go 2, Surface Laptop Go, Surface Laptop SE
Product dimensions 10.31” x 3.98” (262 x 101mm)
In the box VerSkin Inclusive Keyboard Protector
Warranty One Year Limited Warranty

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